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Massive Iron by Steve Shaw

Maximize Every Set, Maximize Progress.

This book is for those of you that want to build as much muscle and strength as possible. It is not a bodybuilding or powerlifting book per se, but rather a collection of principles and tools that are meant to help the average lifter exceed their goals.

Consider it a base-building book.

If you simply love training and want to get as big and strong as possible for the heck of it, then this is the book for you. Keep reading.

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  • Hi Steve I am a ardent follower of your channel on YouTube. You were kind enough to dedicate a video on certain questions I had about 3 years back. I need your expertise in designing a program specific for my needs and I am ready to subscribe for the same but before paying the amount I thought I will atleast send an email to you about certain things to make you aware about issues that I am facing and whether you can help me out. I am 48 years old male from India. Was into strength training till the covid hit and gyms were closed. So around March 2020 I was 2 plates on bench press, 3 plates on squats and 4 plates on deadlift. I re started around 7 months back and somehow could not continue with strength training as I wanted to cut down on body fat, I was weighing 87 kgs around 7 months back and now I am 82.4 kgs. I am on push pull leg routine but the issue is I am getting mixed up in hypertrophy and strength training so more or less every time I work out I start doing very heavy sets on all exercises because that keeps me motivated but I am taking way too long to recover. I am doing 4 days split. I am on track 95% on nutrition and very dedicated in my workouts. I am not genetically very strong but have been able to lift heavy ( for my standards) through consistency, progressive overload and definitely a lot of learning through videos from fitness trainers such as yourself. Is it possible to design a program, 4 days push pull legs split with a combination of strength and hypertrophy but keeping in check my recovery, which is somehow taking a good time. May be i am doing it wrong by doing more sets and more reps and that I didn’t program the exercises myself correctly. May be I am just trying to lift heavy all time and taxing my CNS. And that I need professional help in properly designing a program and that’s why I am approaching you, seeking help. I would love to have below exercises incorporated in the program bench press, incline dumbbell press, squats and trap bar dead lifts, all other exercises can be anyone of your choice. I don’t wish to go below 80 kgs of weight and will start eating for maintenance once I am at that weight. Currently I am in deficit of about 300 calories a day and on rest days I am walking a lot. I hit 10k steps atleast 5 times a day per week. Please do let me know, so that I can plan to subscribe and if possible please send me details of the amount that I need to pay for the same. Hoping you will be able to spare sometime and help me out. Regards Nabil

    Hi Nabil,

    I'd love to help. I've coached an army of lifters over the years and am able to modify workouts and work with you to create something that will get results, and that you'll enjoy. Please check out the link to coaching below and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Hi Steve: I purchased your Rep Goal ebook and I like the principles outlined. I am a 74 year old that has powerlifted on/off since my early 50 ‘s. My best bench was 320 at a body weight of 185. I was a caretaker for my wife for the past 10 years of her life (she passed in 2019) I want to regain as much strength as I can but not sure what workout to use. I am currently doing a five week program with the last week being a deload. My bench has suffered as I have some mobility issues. My deadlift stands at 200 lbs at 179 lbs BW. Squats are limited to SSB (I just purchased) My bp is probably around a 160-165 1rm. Any suggestions. I am limited to 3 days a week I have a half rack, a landmine and some cable pull down and seated row I made

    It's hard to say which workout to use. I would start with how many days a week do you like to workout right now. From there it's about picking a plan that works for you. There is no best plan. Pick a plan that allows you to swap in exercises that work for you at this time.

    I would be happy to help you with a custom plan if interested. I feel this would be the best option for you as you have very specific goals.

  • Hi ! I bought your e book massive iron on the 21 of February 2020 and I haven’t received it yet cheers!

    Hi Frank. It likely landed in your spam box. I'll send it out again, and thanks for your support!

  • So if I buy your complete collection I get every ebook/course you come out with? Is there anything that isnt included?

    Everything is included. Also, when I release new material it is sent to you free of charge.

  • Hi MR. Shaw. What are the differences between Massive Iron and Massive 6? I am a beginner to weight training, roughly 1 month of consistent work. Which is best-suited ebook to build my strength base?

    Massive Iron is a complete overview of how to make any program work. It contains about 20 sample programs.

    Massive Six is a program I set up as a go-to for beginners that are tired of available beginner program options and want a complete road map.

  • What are home full body workouts with barbells and dumbbells

    The Massive Iron boody provide many workout examples. If you would like me to design a custom program for you, please check out this service:  

  • Hay my friend I’ve always had week bench. I have perfect form far as I been told. I’ve been lifting 30 plus years when I started power lifting I squat 600 dead 600 bench maybe 300. Now at 53 and a broken neck later I squat 450 dead lift 500 and BENCH 250-275 can you help.

    I provide workout and form assessments along with coaching options.

  • How many pages is the eBook?

    The Massive Iron e-book has 214 pages and about 20 sample workouts.

  • How can I get a hard copy?

    Unfortunately, there are no hard copies available. The best you can do is print the PDF and place it in a binder.

  • Hi, I'm 42 and have been consistently lifting for several years now, although probably not the most optimal training or eating for the first few years, and have put on a descent amount of muscle. I came across your book Massive Iron-The Rep Goal System and it is very simple and intuitive to me. I have always been one to try and really push my limits in the gym and keep the intensity high by pushing each set to failure. or at least 1 shy. My question is, with this system how do I deal with a stall or plateau? Being stuck at a certain weight on a certain lift and not being able to progress?

    Stalls are usually a patience issue. When the effort is there true stalls rarely occur. Progress always slows over time. You juts need to understand that at some point adding "only" one rep a month is good progress. Check a one rep max calculator. One rep adds abotu 5 pounds to a lift.