Massive Collection - Every Workout (354 Pages)

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Massive Collection is a MASSIVE collection of workouts - 354 total pages of programs that deliver results, including plenty of muscle building and bench courses.

Over the years I've put together a lot of workout choices. While there is no “best” workout, having options is a good thing. Pick something you like and hit it hard!

This PDF includes:

  • Massive Push Pull Arms Legs PPAL
  • Brute Force Powerbuilding HVI
  • Massive Iron 28 Day Powerbuilding Cycle
  • Massive Squatzilla
  • Massive Iron 5x5 Program
  • Massive Iron Push Pull Legs
  • 16 Week Bench Press Block
  • Massive Iron A/B Split Posterior/Upper
  • Massive Iron 6-Week Bench Builder
  • Massive Volume Training
  • The Drunk Russian Full Body
  • Massive Double Progression
  • Barbell and Bodyweight A/B Split
  • Massive Iron Torso Limbs Split
  • John Christy 531 Powerbuilding Workout
  • Massive Crap Workout
  • How to Peak - Test Your 1RM
  • 12 Weeks to Better Push-Ups and Pull-Ups
  • Massive Iron Home Gym Workouts
  • Deuces - A Massive Iron Workout
  • Massive Iron 2 Day Workout
  • Massive Calves
  • Massive Iron Creeping Death Progression Tool
  • Massive Iron 4 Main Progression Approaches
  • Massive Junk Training
  • Massive Lube Training
  • Massive Rampage Training
  • Power Muscle Block Course
  • Massive Mass Muscle Building Course
  • Bench Press Course
  • Bulldozer Training Course


Ask a Question
  • Is this a physical book that will be shipped ?

    No, it's a PDF

  • Hi Steve, Does this course also have the massive power muscle bulldozer course? Thanks, Bert


  • Does the massive collection contains every program you sell?

    Yes except for Massive Minimal

  • How do these programs compare to the new app you’ve come out with? Are these older versions of some of the programs on the app?

    This collection has far more programs than I have time to add into the app, truthfully.

  • On page 332 you outline your Bulldozer Training 3 Day Workout Split from 2011 Do you think this is still a good option with a modernised Bulldozer progression (based on first set instead of Rep Goal) and not using Bulldozer fo every exercises just staying in that 10-15/6-10 mini set range?

    It's a fun option. I did it back in the day. It's certainly something you could run for 2-3 months as a nice change of pace with no downsides.

  • Does this book include "Massive Mass - Muscle Building Workout Course" ( Cheers, Marc


  • Is there enough here in the way of progression, (eg week to week), to make decent gains or would it be necessary to bundle it with the "rep goal system" or "massive mass" course?

    This includes Massive Mass and has enough program options to last multiple lifetimes.

  • Would you recommend at least half of these to 40+ y.o. beginners?

    Most of these can be used once a lifter has a solid functional understanding of lift form and is past the neuromuscular adaptation stage.