Massive Iron PPL Training Template

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This is a spreadsheet that allows you to pick exercises and track progress for the Massive Iron PPL Split:

  • Push A
  • Pull A
  • Legs A
  • Push B
  • Pull B
  • Legs B

NOTE: This includes ONLY the PPL template. No refunds.

Included with the training template spreadsheet is an instruction document. Please read it before beginning.

You are able to choose from the STANDARD TEMPLATE or BUILD YOUR OWN WORKOUT.

This is highly customizable and perfect for the late beginner and beyond that wants to pack on muscle and add strength. It features a 16-week cycle or 16 training blocks.

For more information on the MASSIVE IRON PPL WORKOUT click here.


You might be surprised to learn that the push, pull, legs split is extremely popular. When I got into coaching, this was one of the biggest surprises. I would estimate that somewhere around 20% of my clients were using a PPL when they signed up for assistance.

The push, pull, legs split can be a quality approach. It can also be abused in the sense that trainees can end up doing too much weekend volume per body part.

One of the benefits of the PPL split is that it allows for a degree of frequency training. You can hit a body part more than once a week. 

There are downsides to this split, though. Namely, training days can get pretty intense, especially if you try to do too much volume each day.

The Massive Iron PPL (push, pull, legs) should be run as a flexible schedule. During extremely busy weeks you should train no less than three days. This, at least, allows you to hit a muscle group once a week. If you are feeling a bit run down, reducing your weekly schedule to three days can be a good way to actively recover and reduce volume while still pushing for progression.

For the most part, you should run this program four to five days a week. Keep rest days intuitive and flexible, and don’t hesitate to change your weekly schedule based upon how you feel, or what’s going on with your life.



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