Phone Consultation - 60 Minutes

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This service is available through phone (clients in the U.S.) and via WhatsApp if you are outside of the United States.

Topics available for discussion include:

  • Workouts + programming
  • Goals
  • Nutrition
  • Fat loss
  • Exercise form
  • Running
  • General health
  • Strength standards
  • Motivation

...or anything else lifting related. If you have questions about this service before purchase please DM me on Instagram @bendthebarman

I'm here to help! Sign up today and we'll schedule a time to talk.



Ask a Question
  • Hello my name is JD Johnson currently sitting at 208lbs bodyweight and my max on bench is roughly 430lbs I tore my rotator cuff and dislocated my shoulder 3 months ago maxing out at 455lbs and 204lbs bodyweight I am looking to make a push to max out at 500lbs or get as close as I can by next spring is this something you think you can help me achieve I am 100% committed and my nutrition is dialed in having paid a nutritionist for the next year I am looking for a program to gradually increase perhaps a step loading program I have never ran a specific program before just kind of threw weight on the bar as I went lifting between 5 and 6 repititions I hope to hear from you soon thank you!

    Hi JD. I think a combination of a phone consult and the development of a custom workout plan would be the best option. If you purchase the phone consult and like the direction we're heading in I'd toss in a custom workout as a part of that.

  • Will you help me write up a program during the coaching call?

    I can either do that or build one for you, whcihever you prefer.