Power Muscle Bulldozer Course

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NOTE: This course also contains Massive Bulking.

This may well be the final form of the ever-potent and super-popular Power Muscle training system.

Well over 12 years ago I released a 4-day split called the Power, Muscle, Burn system. This workout went on to gather more than six million reads, and I believe over 3,500 comments. It took off like a brushfire, and I was eventually asked to back it with a 5-day split, a 3-day split, and a muscle building nutrition article.

A few years back, about a decade after its original release, I decided it would be fun to give it an upgrade. I did so, and called it the Power, Muscle, Block system. This time, using block sets instead of burn sets.

During Massive Iron Live, one of my clients (Eric) mentioned the possibility of creating a variation called Power, Muscle, Bulldozer.

Bam! This hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s so obvious and makes so much sense.

You will challenge your body and experience quality results by working the body with heavy and intense power sets, volume muscle sets, and pump-inducing block sets. 

  • Power - A compound exercise that is performed for 4-6 reps per set.
  • Muscle - A compound of machine exercise that is performed for 8-12 reps per set.
  • Bulldozer- A rest-pause bulldozer comprised of 5 mini-sets.

NOTE: This is a course and not a full book. It contains sample workouts and is 18,096 words in length.


Ask a Question
  • Regarding the bulldozer sets. I read in the pdf that once I reach 12 reps on the “top” set, it’s time to move up in weight. Is that top set referring to the last set? Thank you for your help!

    First set. When the first set hits 12-15 reps, move up the next time you perform this exercise.