Workout Assessment

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Is your current workout plan decent? Don't waste time. Find out today.

Let Steve Shaw perform a complete analysis of your program, and look at your goals. He will point out and program weaknesses, and make suggestions.

Maximize your gym time and results while staying as healthy and efficient as possible. The following will be scrutinized:

  • Exercise selection
  • Set and rep schemes, and rep volume
  • Body part balance and volume
  • Split structure
  • Much more

Note: Once you purchase this service, an email will be sent to you within 24-48 hours. You will be provided a list of required information, including current workout structure, goals, available equipment, existing injuries, current height and weight, and more.



Ask a Question
  • I ordered a service but when I look at my account on your website it says haven't placed any orders but my bank account says I did. is this just your website or is something wrong

    I sent you an email two days ago and another just now. Check your spam box in case.

  • I am based in the UK, is that a problem for phone call type coaching? I'm on whatsapp if that helps, which is free to call. PS like your stuff on utube well done

    I can use Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. My clients range from India to Saudi Arabia to the U.S.

    And thanks for your support!

  • How much would it cost for a 20-30 minute Skype chat about a workout?

    Hi John,

    The cost is the same, though I typically work with Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. You can purchase this service and make a note that you prefer a call. From there, we can schedule a time to chat. Before we talk, I'll send you a few questions via email so I can get up to speed on how I can best help.