Supplement Assessment

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Is your current supplement plan decent? Don't waste time. Find out today.

Let "The Supplement Engineer" Robert Schinetsky perform a complete analysis of your current supplement protocol and look at your goals. He will point out and suggest improvements, better products,  and make suggestions.

Maximize your goals, health, and results.

    Note: Once you purchase this service, an email will be sent to you within 24-48 hours. You will be provided a list of the required information so Robert can efficiently assist you.



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    • Hello, just watched your YouTube video with Steve Shaw from July. I am 52 years old, ametuer bodybuilder that works out 5-6 days per week typically with high intensity. Hypertrophy is the main goal. What is your thoughts on pre, intra and post carbs in terms on intentionally spiking blood sugar? Wondering what approach is best? In the past I've used Dextrose post workout, but also have used pre and intra followed by whey and a meal after workout. thanks, steve

      Questions for Robert can be sent to vis DM on his Instagram. Thanks!