Nutrition Seminar - April 9th, 2022 11 a.m. Eastern (Fazlifts and Massive Iron)

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This LIVE seminar will begin at 11 a.m. Eastern on Saturday, April 9th. You will be emailed/texted a link the night before the seminar so you can watch and ask questions live.

Can't make it? No worries! Anyone that purchases access will also be sent a link so they can view the seminar after it's done.

The seminar will feature at least 75 minutes of discussion along with a viewer Q&A at the end.

Discussion topics included:

  • Protein intake - dietary balance vs. muscle buildign needs
  • Caffeine and coffee
  • The concept of negative calorie foods
  • The dangers of obesity
  • Does healthy and obese exist?
  • Nutrients in meat vs. plants - how do the stack up?
  • Insulin/carb model of obesity
  • Estrogen-based foods
  • Fruit and veggie recommendations
  • Are meat and eggs dangerous - saturated fats and cholesterol
  • Sodium and potassium for general health
  • The importance of magnesium
  • Beyond calories - focusing on nutrients
  • The value of nutritional consistency for muscle and performance


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