Custom Build a BIG BENCH Program - Includes Nutrition Plan

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Tired of having a mediocre bench? Unsure of how to structure a big bench plan for optimal results? Stop wasting your time. I'm here to help.

Let Steve Shaw perform a complete analysis of your goals, available equipment, and current progress and design a bigger bench plan that will help you enter the gym with confidence, smash through plateaus, and GET RESULTS.

This service includes:

  • Custom multi-phase plan based upon your needs, equipment, goals, injuries, trying time, preferred split, etc. Each plan is designed to take you through AT LEAST the next 6 months of training and includes a volume phases, a base building phase, a strength-building phase based around concurrent periodization, and a peaking phase.
  • A complete goals assessment which will outline the path forward over the months to come. You will be presented with an outline of how to eat, bulk, cut, etc. based on YOUR current body composition and bench goals. 
  • Form assistance and follow-up support. This is not a "one and done" plan. After you receive your custom plan you will ALSO be provided form assistance and plan upgrades/adjustments via WhatsApp.

Custom BIG BENCH PLANS are designed to be run for an extended period of time. They will not punish your body, nor will a program be filled with gimmicks or non-essential nonsense.

Maximize your gym time and results while staying as healthy and efficient as possible. I will design a program that will:

  • Attack weak areas
  • Build work capacity
  • Train your central nervous system
  • Build strength using the science of periodization
  • Turn you into a beast

Note: Once you purchase this service, an email will be sent to you within 24-48 hours. You will be provided a list of required information. Return this via email.

Once returned you will receive a complete program with ONE BUSINESS WEEK.

After you have received your program, you have unlimited follow-up questions via WhatsApp or Team Massive. 

Extended Body Composition and Bulk/Cut Plan

Let's talk nutrition! This service will also included SPECIFIC bulking and cutting recommendations that will allow you to build strength and muscle without getting fat!

No fat bulks here!

I'll show you how to plan the long game and get your bench up to speed without turning into a BLOAT LORD.



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