30 Day FAST START Lifestyle Change - Weight Loss Coaching

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The "Super Living 30 Day Fast Start" is 100% about lifestyle change. You can do anything for 30 days, so let's do something AMAZING and LIFE-CHANGING.

This is a 30-day coaching program with NO commitment after your fast start is up.


All participants in this coaching program will receive:

  • UNLIMITED communication and daily support/accountability. All communication will be private and one-on-one through the Super Living app. This app platform is also available for your desktop computer.
  • OPTIONAL ACCESS to a private community support group HOSTED on the private Super Living app.
  • CALORIE GOALS and macronutrient advice and guidance if needed.
  • CALORIE ADJUSTMENTS to make sure you are losing weight. Your calorie intake will be monitored and adjustments recommended as needed to help you maximize safe and healthy weight loss.
  • UNLIMITED help and guidance with their preferred methods of exercise - Resistance training, cardio, or both.
  • FORM HELP - If you are unsure about an exercise you can upload a video through the private app and receive valuable feedback.
  • QUESTIONS? You can submit questions at any time on diet, nutrition, training, supplementation, food choices, etc.
  • LIFESTYLE CHANGE GUIDANCE - This program isn't just about weight loss; it's about transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle.


This is an IMMERSIVE 30 days. We will dive DEEP into lifestyle change with no excuses and no wiggle room. The goal is to see just what you can accomplish in 30 days.

Some might call this extreme, but know this... Nearly 95% of diets fail. Why? NO focus on lifestyle change. Fad diets don't work. With this coaching program, you will experience temporary detoxification and detachment from your unhealthy food addictions and habits, and replace them with healthier options and improve habits.

The goal is to not simply lose weight, but also to spend the next 30 days assessing bad habits that are destroying your health, appearance, happiness, and perhaps your life.

During the next 30 days the rules will be:

  • No alcohol
  • All temptation much be removed from the house
  • No white flour or white sugar
  • No fast food
  • No boxed processed foods that include ingredients other than whole foods
  • No chips, no cookies, no deep-fried foods
  • Weigh in on Monday and Friday
  • Plan your meals - Guidance will be provided

We will focus 100% on single-ingredient foods and food volume. You will learn that "real" food, IN MOST CASES, actually allows you to eat more food volume, calorie for calorie.

During these 30 days, you are expected to submit pictures of everything you eat or drink that contains calories. NO EXCEPTIONS.  You will also be required to use My Fitness Pal to track calories 100%.

After signing up for this service you will schedule a 30-minute phone consultation to go over the coaching service.

KNOW that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This is not a "sign up and good luck" coaching service. Someone will be there for you to provide accountability, help, guidance and so much more.


* No refunds.

 After your 30 days are up you can choose to remain in the coaching program for only $59.50 a month -  This is 50% off.


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