Brawn, 3rd Edition

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Author: McRobert, Stuart

Brand: CS Publishing

Edition: 3


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Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 230

Release Date: 01-09-2007

Details: Product Description Ever wondered which book was the first to expose the bodybuilding lie "train like a champion to become a champion yourself"? Or which was the first book to explain thoroughly the best way for typical bodybuilders to build a bigger leaner body without steroids?It's Brawn, Stuart's first title, which is now in a 230-page, third edition.And it's the classic guide that started a natural bodybuilding revolution.There are millions of people slaving away in gyms today who are living testimony to the utter futility of conventional bodybuilding methods. Many of these misguided trainees are walking encyclopedias on everything related to bodybuilding except that which will actually make them bigger and stronger.Don't be like them.Brawn is a wake-up call to the ailing, and a "get real" cue to all trainees who are wasting time and energy on mainstream weight training routines.Whether you're just starting strength training, or you're a training veteran, this book is for you.Become your own expert personal trainer.Here's an overview of what to expect:* The specifics on genetic variation, and how this relates to the design of your training programs.* How the bodybuilding masses have been deceived and cheated big time!* The why and how of intensity cycling, for year-to-year bodybuilding progress.* Proper and effective set and rep schemes.* Training routines for you to follow.* How to individualize your routines for continual improvement.* How to avoid the curse of overtraining.* How to specialize.* How to eat for training success, and why nutrition is not 80% of the formula.* Why most food supplements are a waste of money--and how to use supplements wisely.* The effort, motivation and dedication you need to build muscle in abundance.Buy this book now and get started on your own natural bodybuilding revolution. Review "BRAWN has no hype, no bull and no commercial messages. It's the real thing and genuinely needed." -- Dr. Ken E. Leistner, Publisher of The Steel Tip, and co-founder of Iron Island Gym, New York, USA"One of the finest training books I've read." -- Richard A. Winett, Ph.D., Blacksburg, VA, USA, Publisher of Master Trainer"BRAWN bowled me over. It's an exceptional nuts and bolts compilation of productive training practices; so exceptional, in fact, that it's avant-garde." -- Jan Dellinger, York Barbell Company, York, PA, USA"BRAWN cuts through the hokum of the current scene and revives a grand tradition of productive training." -- Paul Kelso, author of Kelso's Shrug Book"I was in disbelief and even shock when I began reading BRAWN. I almost didn't get past the first two chapters, because it was so hard to admit that my training had been so seriously wrong for such a long time. But I was compelled to finish the book. Thanks for the life-changing if not life-saving information." -- Michael Foster, New York, USA About the Author For more than 30 years, Stuart McRobert has revealed how to achieve bodybuilding and strength training success. He has done this through his books, about 700 articles in newsstand muscle magazines, and 15 years as the editor of Hardgainer, a bodybuilding magazine. This blue-ribbon author is one of the most respected writers in the genre of weight training. Although Stuart has been extensively published in the mainstream bodybuilding world, his guidance is most definitely not mainstream. Conventional training methods don't work well for most trainees.McRobert is not an armchair coach. Without drugs, and with just normal genetics, he built 45 pounds of muscle, transformed his physique, and deadlifted 400 pounds for a set of 20 reps. He still practices what he teaches, and as he approaches age 60 he continues to be strong, lean, flexible, and fit.Stuart has a degree in education, over 40 years experience of training himself, over 30 years experience of guiding others, and is the author of five books on physique transformation: Brawn, Beyond Brawn, The Insider's Tell-All Handbook on Weight

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