Beyond Brawn, Revised

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Author: Stuart McRobert

Brand: imusti

Edition: 3


  • Cardinal Pub Group

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 512

Release Date: 01-01-2012

Details: Product Description What if you had access to the mother lode revelation of the lies, myths, drugs, rip-off food supplements, and irresponsible training instruction that has long blighted the bodybuilding world?  And what if you had access to the mother lode revelation of how to build lots of muscle and strength without great genetics, without steroids, and without having to train four or more times a week?  Imagine the power you would have to build a bigger leaner body.  But don't just imagine this. Make it a reality!   Beyond Brawn is one of the all-time finest, natural bodybuilding books, now in its third edition.    It's 512 pages and 23 chapters of information about every facet of bodybuilding, and weight training in general.    This guide is not just for novices who are starting strength training and bodybuilding. It can save you years of wasted toil regardless of your level of training experience. It will propel you into the detailed, practical know-how, and turn you into an expertly informed bodybuilder or strength trainee.    Beyond Brawn will take you right "inside" weight training, to study the practical reality of applying knowledge. It's not a theoretical treatise, or a pack of pseudo-scientific hokum.   And it's not a vehicle for promoting food supplements.   The lessons in this book aren't based on just Stuart's journey. They are a fusion of the acquired wisdom of generations of drug-free bodybuilders and strength trainees.   The famous deadlift cycle that Stuart did, which culminated in 400 pounds for a set of 20 reps, is detailed in Chapter 17.   Become your own expert personal trainer.   Buy this book  now and discover how to build lots of muscle and strength without great genetics, without steroids, and without having to train four or more times a week. Review For bodybuilding instruction, BEYOND BRAWN is par excellence, featuring an unprecedented depth of practical, relevant and readily applicable training information. Even more than that, the book is a training partner, companion, friend, and labor of love. A truly exceptional book! --Jan Dellinger, York Barbell Company, USA BEYOND BRAWN is the most comprehensive, helpful and honest book on natural strength training today. With great care and in extraordinary detail this book covers every training-related topic you can imagine, and without any hype. --Bob Whelan, MS, MS, CSCS, President, Whelan Strength Training, Washington, DC, USA BEYOND BRAWN is the bible of rational strength training . . . Page after page is jam-packed with practical, real-world training information that you just cannot find anywhere else . . . This book has my highest endorsement -- it is without a doubt the very best book on strength training I have ever read. --Kevin R. Fontaine, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine About the Author For more than 30 years, Stuart McRobert has revealed how to achieve bodybuilding and strength training success. He has done this through his books, about 700 articles in newsstand muscle magazines, and 15 years as the editor of  Hardgainer, a bodybuilding magazine.  This blue-ribbon author is one of the most respected writers in the genre of weight training. Although Stuart has been extensively published in the mainstream bodybuilding world, his guidance is most definitely not mainstream. Conventional training methods don't work well for most trainees. McRobert is not an armchair coach. Without drugs, and with just normal genetics, he built 45 pounds of muscle, transformed his physique, and deadlifted 400 pounds for a set of 20 reps. He still practices what he teaches, and as he approaches age 60 he continues to be strong, lean, flexible, and fit. Stuart has a degree in education, over 40 years experience of training himself, over 30 years experience of guiding others, and is the author of five books on physique transformation:  Brawn, Beyond Bra

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