Weight Loss Standard Coaching

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Ongoing weight loss and workout coaching that includes complete diet analysis, unlimited interaction, and a monthly 30-minute video or phone call.

This is a complete hands-on service. I will be there to help and guide you each and every day.

Stay on track without using fad diets. I will assist you with transitioning into a new lifestyle that works with existing eating habits. The focus is on not only fat loss and longevity but also learning how to create new eating habits that will last you a lifetime.

This coaching service also comes with a FREE once-a-month personal training class for residents near the Loveland/Cincinnati, Ohio area. Classes are TBD and will appear as events on the Super Living Facebook Group.

* Three-month minimum commitment. No refunds.


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  • Hi Steve, would like to buy this service. My question is as follows. Is 80 dollars the price for 3 months, or is 80 dollars billed per month for 3 months. Another question is I am trying to get lean and get abs for the last 1.5 years still consume less than maintainance and workout 3 days a week. Which service should I subscribe to. Confused between the different services. I am the same guy who asked you on YouTube about the bulk or cut assessment service.

    You sign up for "quantity:1" and are billed each month for 3 months in a row.

    If you want a complete, hands-on coaching service where I help you with your eating on daily basis, then the coaching service is correct. If you want some more simple diet advice, then choose the "diet assessment."

    If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at: bendthebarman@gmail.com