Powerbuilding Package - Build Muscle and/or Strength

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NOTE: This service DOES NOT include ongoing coaching assistance. It is a one-time purchase. For ongoing powerbuilding coaching, head here:

This service will help you get the most out of your training. It includes:

  • Phone Consultation - Steve Shaw will assess your goals, special needs, where you workout, and nutrition.
  • Custom Workout - A custom workout will be created based on your gyms, needs, and current equipment. This program can be either a muscle building program, muscle building and general conditioning/fitness, powerbuilding, off-season powerlifting strategy, powerlifting peaking, etc.
  • Nutrition Advice -  You will be recommended a diet/nutrition plan based on your needs. If you are trying to put on mass I will structure a diet that maximizes muscle gain while minimizing fat gain. I can also put together cutting diet strategies, as well as general weight gain strategies. Get the most out of your nutrition without adding unwanted mass or retain the most strength on your cutting diet.

This service comes with follow-up adjustments for two weeks.

It does not include exercise form assessments. For more help with that, please check out the powerbuilding service listed above.


Maximize your results today and take away the doubt. Let Steve Shaw help you crush your goals.


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