Exercise Form Assessment

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Looking to improve your squat, deadlift, or bench press form? Let Steve Shaw help.

You will receive a complete form evaluation. Steve will break down major and minor exercise form flaws, and present you with solutions and small tweaks. Your critique will be in a written format based upon submitted videos.

Follow-up questions are welcomed.

This service is available for any exercise.

Improve your lifting safety, and reduce the chance of injury today.

Note: Once you purchase this service, an email will be sent to you within 24-48 hours. You will be asked to provide at least one quality video of you performing an exercise.

For squats and deadlifts you will likely need two videos:

  1. A side angle that shows the body from head to toe.
  2. A front or rear angle that shows the body from head to toe. 



Ask a Question
  • Does this assessment also include a QnA/discussion regarding the movement, or is it just a response with the assessment?

    I assess the movement and how to improve it and the client has respond back as many times as needed within reason with follow-up questions.

  • this product provides the assessment of a single exercise or the squat bench and dead?

    That's correct. This service will do a complete assessment of a single movement.